AZ Hot Sauce Lacrosse is dedicated to teaching the basic fundamentals of lacrosse and to promote the love and spirit of the game to young boys (K-8th grade) and young men (9th-12th grade) in the state of Arizona.

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Here are some common questions that we have received that may help you understand the Hot Sauce Programs:

1. Do I need to pay to register?  

     Answer: No, you only need to pay by the deadline for the program you are registering for.  

                   Keep in mind Early Bird Discounts

2. Do I need to try out for the Summer League?  

    Answer:  No, tryouts are only if you would like to be considered for one of the tournament teams.  

3. Can I try out for a tournament teams and not do the Summer League? 

    Answer: Yes, but we highly encourage players that are trying out for the tournament teams to do some kind of formal training in the off season to build on their current skills.  

4. When will I know if I made a tournament team?

    Answer: Invites will go out to players via email within 1-2 weeks of tryouts.  Payment schedule will be included in the email and is separate and not inclusive of the Summer League.

5. What grade should I register under?

    Answer: For the Summer '16 Instructional program or Travel Teams, please register for the grade you will be atteding in 2016-2017.   Some players may be allowed to play up or down based on evaluation by the coaching staff.  

6. How do I pay?

    Answer: Cash or check made out to Az Hot Sauce Lacrosse or via credit cards on the website.  Checks should be made out to AZ Hot Sauce Lacrosse.  

7. Is there a sibling discount?

    Answer: Yes, $25 off for each sibling.  

8. Is there a discount for returning players?

    Answer: Yes, 10% off the Summer Program only for players that attended last years Summer Program.   

9. Will Travel Team practice be in addition to the Summer League practices?

    Answer: Yes, Practices will be scheduled to not conflict with each other.